It's Your Paycheck! is designed for use in high school personal finance classes.


Next, engage the class in a discussion about taxation. These worksheets can be used with children of all ages, from preschoolers simply beginning to learn how to read, to older children who are having problem with reading understanding.



A pay stub is what you use to get your money. class=" fc-falcon">1. 2.

Gross Pay: The amount you earn per pay period.

employers directly deposit employee's paycheck into the authorized employee's depository institution account Characteristics of direct deposit Employee receives the paycheck stub detailing the paycheck deductions/Most secure because there is no direct handling of the check /Employee knows exactly when paycheck will be deposited and available. Susan works the same amount of hours each month. For.

But what around that other numbers? Where are they? Do they matter? To helps you understand your pay stub, we detailed all the the. .

Grade/level: Middle School - High School.

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. Slides 14-28 Review each part of a paycheck stub 5.

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How To Read A Pay Stub Understanding Your Pay Stub OppU One benefit of using Reading A Pay Stub Worksheets Answer Key is that they supply a structured and focused method.
Pay stubs—the part of the paycheck that lists important information like withholdings, wages earned during the pay period and where your money is going—are important to understand.

Calculating the numbers in your paycheck (worksheet) How to read a paystub (handout) Cómo calcular las cifras de su cheque de pago (hoja de ejercicios) Note: Please remember to consider your students’ accommodations and special needs to ensure that all students are able to participate in a meaningful way.


A paycheck stub summarizes how your total earnings were distributed. The employer’s name and address. 13 1 a1 answer key; pay stub worksheet answers; understanding your paycheck worksheet answer key; navigating paycheck stubs 1.

F1. 13. This is the money you have left after all deductions have been taken from your gross pay. A pay stub is what you use to get your money. .

Review the answers with students after they have completed the worksheets.

- post tax deductions equals net pay and net pay is the money you take homeMore- employee paid taxes. School subject: Career Education.

Topics include gross/net income types and common deductions that they can expect to see on their own pay stubs.

Grade/level: Middle School - High School.

(Level 4+) Objectives: Students will be able to explain what a pay stub is and use the vocabulary and concepts that.

Review the answers with students after they have completed the worksheets.

Set up Print a copy of the sample pay stub form for.